Welcome to The Ojai Economy Group

Thank you, attendees, speakers, sponsors and organizers, for a great 2009 Ojai Forum on the New Economy. We’ll be rolling out video, blog posts, organizational notes, presentations and more over the next couple weeks. Stay tuned, and become a Fan on Facebook (link in the right column).

Our mission is to support economic sustainability in the Ojai Valley. This vision of a “thriving Ojai” is focused in four primary spokes:

Currency – exploration and development of local currency which supports and enhances local business, non-profits and tourism.

Barter – exploration and development of a barter economy, where goods and services are exchanged among multiple parties.

Gifting – supportive infrastructure for gifting, volunteerism and philanthropy for non-profits and other local community investment projects.

Investing – exploration and development of an environment favorable to investment in our own community and citizens.